UK Dedicated Servers

UK Based Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated ServersOur UK dedicated servers have several different base configurations to work from. These configurations vary in terms of the motherboard and processor speed as well as the number of CPU cores. In short, the more cores/higher speed, the more powerful the server.

The servers can be configured to the specification you want and can be setup and installed normally within one working day!

Listed below are the base configurations and minimum prices. All servers come with at least one 160GB 7,200 drive, minimum 3GB RAM and a massive 10,000GB monthly bandwidth allowance!

Fixed Specification Servers

The fixed specification servers are special offer boxes that are available for incredibly low prices. These servers have a fixed specification so you won't be able to upgrade the processor, RAM or hard drives. Saying that though they offer incredible value for money!

NB: Our other servers are not a fixed specification so just scroll down if you want more flexibility.

Special II£99

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  • Intel Quad Core 2.83GHz
  • 16GB RAM
  • 2 x 250GB Hard Disk
  • 10,000GB bandwidth

Raw Special III£149

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  • Dual Intel Quad Core 2.26GHZ
  • 32GB DDR3 RAM
  • 4 x 73GB 15K SAS Drives
  • 10,000GB Bandwidth

Value Servers£39

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  • Intel Dual Core2.2GHZ
  • 3GB Min. RAM
  • 160GB 7.2k rpm Hard Drive
  • 10,000GB Bandwidth

Plus Servers£69

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  • Dual/Quad Core Processors
  • 3GB Min. RAM
  • 160GB 7.2k rpm Hard Drive
  • 10,000GB Bandwidth

Premium Servers£174

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  • Dual Redundant PSUs
  • 8GB Min. RAM
  • SAS/SSD/SATA Hard Drives
  • 10,000GB Bandwidth

Octa Core Servers£224

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  • Up to 16 Intel Cores
  • 8GB Min. RAM
  • SAS/SSD/SATA Hard Drives
  • 10,000GB Bandwidth

UK Dedicated Server Features

Below are our standard configurations for our servers. Note though there are many other possibilities or setups we can supply, just contact us for more information.

  Value Plus Premium Octa Core
Prices From Monthly £39.00 £69.00 £174.00 £224.00
Prices From Quarterly £117.00 £207.00 £522.00 £672.00
Prices From Annually (10% discount!) £421.20 £745.20 £1,879.20 £2,419.20
Setup Fee FREE FREE £99.00 £99.00
Minimum Contract 1 Month 1 Month 12 Months 12 Months
30 Day Cancellation

UK Dedicated Server Configurations

Processor Options Dual Core 2.2GHz
Quad Core 2.13GHz
Dual Core i3-2120 33GHz
Quad Core E3-1230v2 3.3GHz Xeon
Quad Core E3-1275v2 3.5GHz Xeon
Quad Core E5-2603 1.8GHz
Hex Core E5-2630 2.8GHz 15MB Cache
2x Hex Core E5-2630 2.8GHz 15MB Cache
Octa Core E5-2650L 2.3GHz 20MB Cache
2x Octa Core E5-2650L 2.3GHz 20MB Cache
Octa Core E5-2680L 3.5GHz 20MB Cache
2x Octa Core E5-2680L 3.5GHz 20MB Cache
Minimum RAM 3GB 4GB DDR3 8GB DDR3
Maximum RAM 8GB 32GB DDR3 128GB DDR3
Disk Configurations 1/2x 160GB 7.2k
1/2x 500GB 7.2k
1/2x 2TB 7.2k
1/2x 160GB 7.2k
1/2/4x 500GB 7.2k
2/4x 2TB 7.2k
2/4x 500GB 10k
2/4x 1TB 10k
2/4x 300GB 15k SAS
2/4x 600GB 15k SAS
1/2/4x 128GB SSD (Crucial M4)
2/4x 256GB SSD (Crucial M4)
2/4x 512GB SSD (Crucial M4)
2x 250GB 7.2k SATA
2x 500GB 10k SATA
4x 1TB 10k SATA
4/8x 2TB 10k SATA
2/4x 73GB 15k SAS
2/4/8x 300GB 15k SAS
4/8x 600GB 15k SAS
2/4/8x 128GB SSD (Crucial M4)
4/8x 256GB SSD (Crucial M4)
4/8x 512GB SSD (Crucial M4)
SSD for OS Available 1x 128GB SSD (Crucial M4)
RAID Options RAID 1 (Hardware) RAID 1 (Hardware) RAID 1/5/6/10 (Hardware and BBU)
Inclusive IPs 1 5 10 20
IP v6 Ready
Operating Systems Centos 32/64bit, Debian 32/64bit, Ubuntu 32/64bit, Windows Server 2008 Web/Standard/Datacentre, Windows Server 2012 Standard/Datacentre.
Other OS platforms may be loaded on request but are not supported as are operating systems you own that you wish to install.
Control Panel cPanel, DirectAdmin or Plesk. Other panels may be loaded by the owner but are not supported.
Bandwidth Options 10TB, 10MBit unmetered, 100 MBit unmetered, 1000Mbit unmetered
Port Speeds Dedicated 10MBit, 100MBit or 1Gbit
Offsite Backup 10-1,000GB offsite backup space available.
Hardware Firewalls Cisco ASA 5505, Cisco ASA 5510 or Cisco ASA 5510 Security Plus license with Gbit interface.