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UK Web HostingShared web hosting is where your site shares the server owned by us with other users and web sites. Although this may sound odd, our servers are all set-up so no-one else can access your files and likewise, you cannot access theirs. Choosing the right web hosting plan for your site is actually very simple.

First decide how many domains you wish to host. Each domain has its own root and FTP access to the server and then shares the total bandwidth, disk space, etc on your account. If you want to host more than a couple of domains then you would be better using one of the more advanced plans.

Finally you need to decide which platform you need. For example, if you just intend to host PHP applications, our Linux plans are the best choice. If you need ASP or .NET capabilities, then the Windows plan is required.

Either way if you are not sure which plan you need, just call the free phone number at the top of the screen and we'll be happy to talk you through your options.

UK Shared Web Hosting Plans